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Magic Dental is a friendly and family orientated dental practice which provides exceptional dental care for all members of your family. We strive to offer a safe and relaxing atmosphere along with an individualized care that maximizes dental function for patients of all ages; from young children to adults and seniors.

Dr. Marcarian and her dedicated team are committed to the care of your smile, but also the maintenance of your general health. We pledge to offer you preventive dental care as well as the necessary education to improve your dental hygiene habits and ultimately your overall health and quality of life.

Magic Dental is equipped with the latest in dental technology utilizing digital dental x-rays, painless freezing and laser technology, allowing us to be on the cutting edge in both comfort and care.

Our mission is to maintain a high standard of ethics by treating all of our patients with dignity and understanding and by presenting a trustworthy and comfortable setting for everyone. We strive to build long lasting relationships with our patients and consistently exceed expectations of what a positive dental practice experience should be.

We put an emphasis on building trust with the most anxious patients and children from the first moment they enter our practice. Playing in the waiting room and creating artistic drawings is encouraged. We will always welcome you and your family with a smile, toys, candies and a bit of magic everyday!

About Dr. Marcarian

Dr. Dana Marcarian


“If you have a dream and believe in yourself, anything is possible. Thank you Waterdown, for helping me make my dream reality. We look forward to serving you.”

Dr. Dana Marcarian (Dana) dreamed of becoming a dentist from a very young age. Her grandmother, who at the time was a denturist, recognized her granddaughter’s profound interest in the art of dentistry. “Grandma nurtured my creative side, with labstone and spatula, and taught me how to carve out teeth from dental wax.”

Dr. Dana never gave up on her childhood dream to become a dentist and to serve the public. After graduating from the University of Toronto, Dr. Dana began her work at a private practice as a dental associate.

Her passion for dentistry and commitment to knowledge drove Dr. Dana to enrol in multiple continuing education courses. To be on top of her game and to better serve her community she grew her resume of expertise. Dentistry is an ever-evolving profession and Dr. Dana has always remained ahead of the curve, in both technology and application.

In May 2018 Dr. Dana opened her own clinic here in Waterdown. She and her team are very proud of the new location, the unique services and environment Magic Dental offers. The office envisioned by Dr. Dana creates a calming spa like look and feel with the use of aromatherapy, essential oils (upon request) and soothing music.

Dr. Dana is committed to providing a stress free experience for the whole family. She has an excellent track record working with children and making them feel at ease, while gradually building their confidence in coping with a dentist visit.

Outside the office you can often find this dedicated hockey mom, by the rinkside at her son’s games. She is an avid animal lover, with two dogs named after Portuguese soccer players, Coco and Figo. Dana is passionate about dedicating her time to her family and patients equally.

Our Staff



Office Manager

Tamara joined Dr. Marcarian in May 2018, taking on the role of Office Manager. Her commitment to the team and our patients speaks for itself. She is dedicated to providing an exceptional patient experience at every visit.



Dental Hygienist

Vicki is a Registered Dental Hygienist and she joined our team in 2020. Vicki firmly believes that having a healthy mouth is an essential part in having a healthy lifestyle. Providing patients with a relaxed and comfortable environment is important to Vicki. Her aim is to ensure that the patient’s time spent at Magic Dental is something to smile about.



Dental Assistant

Oksana has been an experienced Dental Assistant since 2014. She joined our team in 2019. Oksana enjoys assisting patients in fulfilling their dental needs and helping them work through their dental fears. Patient experience is her priority, and she works hard to ensure they feel comfortable in our clinic. In her spare time she loves spending time with her family and fishing with her younger son.




Corlene is passionate about dental health care and she enjoys interacting with the clients, she strives to accommodate their needs to ensure that they have a positive experience. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking and the outdoors.

Magic Dental Services

Some of the unique service offerings available:


Dental Implants

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invisalign treatment at Magic Dental

Dental implants are the closest replacement for teeth. They are fixed into the mouth like our own teeth to reduce the risk of bone loss and enhance the speech, appearance and chewing ability. Dental implants are a viable solution for replacing missing teeth permanently without touching neighboring teeth. Our dental implant services are a safe and hygienic way of replacing a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. Most people qualify for implants but there are exceptional cases in which the patient doesn’t qualify. Dr. Dana can evaluate your case to see if you are a good candidate.


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invisalign treatment at Magic Dental

A healthy, beautiful, natural smile is not just something for movie stars, but something everyone can enjoy. Living your life with a straight smile is much more achievable than you might think. Invisalign is a revolutionary and virtually invisible way to perfect your smile without braces as the system involves a series of clear plastic aligners that progressively and gently move your teeth into place. This type of treatment can correct improperly aligned teeth, crowded or unevenly spaced teeth, bite problems and can align the upper and lower jaws. Dr. Marcarian is a certified, experienced Invisalign provider who can help you achieve exceptional results.

Preventive Care

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Frenectomy treatment at Magic Dental

Regular preventive care plays a vital role in keeping your teeth and gums healthy by avoiding gum disease or by keeping this under tight control. Early diagnosis and treatment can help you avoid more costly dental problems that may develop or be worsened by lack of basic preventive care. Our hygiene appointments and regular check-ups can make a big difference in your oral health. During hygienist visits, we give your teeth a professional deep clean. It is important to see a hygienist regularly as the lack of deep cleaning can cause gum disease. During check-ups we make sure that everything is in order with your oral health, while acknowledging any issues at an early stage.

Children's Dental Care

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Frenectomy treatment at Magic Dental

As dental professionals, we believe in preventive dental care and encourage our patients to bring their children to the practice from an early age. Regular check-ups from a young age will ensure children won’t suffer from untreated dental decay with devastating effects to their growing dentition. We treat every child as unique and work carefully to build a positive relationship with them based on trust by talking about the procedures and instruments in order to reduce their fear of the unexpected.

Pinhole® Gum Rejuvenation

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pinhole treatment at Magic Dental

Do you have teeth sensitivity, rapid tooth decay or a receding gum line? Dr. Marcarian is certified in a minimally invasive procedure for gum recession correction, called Pinhole® Gum Rejuvenation. This method is scalpel-free and sutures-free with minimal discomfort, swelling and bleeding. The magic of this procedure is that the Pinhole patient can resume light normal activities within 24-48 hours in most cases. Correcting a gum recession can prevent sensitivity and tooth loss since the supporting tissue and bone structure will be within the normal margin. Please Do Not ignore gum recession and make an appointment immediately for an evaluation of your individual case.


Restorative Care

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Restorative Dental treatment at Magic Dental

Many people experience a wide range of dental problems due to tooth decay, gum disease, jaw joint problems, abscesses or even accidental damage. Dr. Dana’s intention is to save and rebuild, rather than remove problematic teeth, whenever possible. Restorative dentistry allows us to repair damaged teeth and gums with the latest techniques. Missing teeth can be replaced with modern skills to achieve optimal comfort, function and appearance.


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Dentures at Magic Dental

Dentures are artificial replacements for your natural teeth and gums. If an accident, a disease or poor oral health care has left you with only a few healthy teeth or none at all, your dentist or prosthodontist might suggest dentures to replace your missing teeth. There are 2 types of dentures: partial and complete. For both types of dentures your dentist or specialist makes a model of your teeth by taking impressions. The models are used to custom-make your dentures.

Painless Freezing

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Painelss Freezing treatment at Magic Dental

NEW TECHNOLOGY! No more uncomfortable injections. Our new freezing system instantly numbs teeth painlessly! This is a new exciting technology which patients and dentists have been dreaming about for decades! So we are pleased to be one of the first practices to offer it. We always try to bring the best available technologies to our practice and this new anaesthetic is targeted at specific nerves therefore patients are NOT left with a Numb Tongue, Lips or Cheeks. Once the freezing is applied the patient feels just a Slight Vibration from the system as the anaesthetic is delivered straight where it is needed. If you have fear of dental needles then come and try our new painless technology.

Lip Augmentation

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Lip Augmentations at Magic Dental

For patients whose lips are relatively thin and lack volume or definition, lip augmentation is the perfect solution. Performed using a mild local or topical anaesthetic, lip enhancement is most commonly performed in an office setting using injectable fillers in order to represent a simple solution for enhancement of lip appearance, reversing early signs of aging and improving self-confidence.

Root Canal Treatment

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Root Canal treatment at Magic Dental

Dental pain can take many forms and can seriously impact your quality of life. Symptoms can include sensitivity to hot or cold food, sharp pain when biting down on food or even a dull aching pressure in the jaw. If you are feeling discomfort or pain, this may be a sign that you require root canal treatment to relieve dental pain and save your tooth. The dentist replaces the diseased nerve with special materials by carefully removing the pulp inside the tooth, cleansing, disinfecting and shaping the root canals, and then placing a filling to seal the space.


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Dental Crowns treatment at Magic Dental

If your tooth is damaged but not lost, a crown can be used to restore its shape, appearance and function. The simple dental crown encircles the tooth to protect it, like a shell in case you have a root canal, a large filling or a broken tooth. However, when the tooth is too damaged, the practitioner proceeds with a crown to be fixed on a post and core. This method consists of placing an inlay-core intermediate part to be attached to the root of the tooth. After a preliminary intervention, the crown is then set on the intermediate inlay-core.


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Frenectomy treatment at Magic Dental

In the case of a tongue or lip tie, the natural movement of those parts will be less effective. We are offering a treatment in our office, provided with a soft tissue laser. Laser treatment is considered a kinder treatment as opposed to scissors or scalpel and is ultimately safer. In laser treatment there is little to no bleeding, and the chance of an inadvertent cut is significantly minimized due to the extremely precise control afforded by the laser. After the procedure, the recovery is relatively quick and in many cases, immediate.

Magic Dental offers all the typical dental procedures one would expect from their dental professional clinic. It is our goal to always be expanding our treatment options and to include cutting edge technology to best serve our patients and the community.


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